About Us

We have a strong commitment to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment


We believe a well-structured health and safety management system coupled with continuous commitment throughout an organization is essential to meeting the health, safety and environmental requirements within an industry.

This is primarily why we see our strong commitment to HSSE as a responsibility not only to our clients but also to ourselves and the people we work with. We are therefore quick to reward positive HSSE behaviours within our organization.

About Hallmark Group Ghana

Hallmark Investments Ghana is a subsidiary of the Hallmark Group. We provide a range of support services to facilitate the growth of the upstream oil industry in the West African sub-region, particularly Ghana.

Industry trends indicate that West Africa will become one of the most active drilling regions in the world in the near future. The Hallmark Group has anticipated this up-coming rush to the region by setting up a network of well-integrated support services to provide solutions that are tailored to the operational goals of our clients.

Our services offer numerous advantages in cross-selling opportunities that ultimately translate into significant share-holder value for our clients.

The Hallmark Group is managed from our headquarters in Accra. We always go the extra mile to meet each clients’s specific operational requirements, keeping in mind realities with regard to time and costs.